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Overview of Standards

The Common Core State Standards were adopted by the California State Board of Education in August, 2010 and officially by the Loomis Union School District Board of Trustees in May, 2013. "The new standards are rigorous, research-based, and designed to prepare every students for success in college and the work force." (CDE, 2010) We are excited to be a part of a national movement.

The Common Core State Standards are designed in a staircase fashion where knowledge progresses from Kindergarten to Twelfth grade. In other words, the lessons and skills learned from year to year are related and connected.

We are placing a heavier emphasis on developing critical thinkers and problem solvers to instill stamina and prepare students for a changing world. Students are asked to solve "real world" problems, form opinions, and support claims with textual evidence all while growing as community-oriented and thoughtful citizens.