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Hello Everyone,  


Make September "Hydration" month! Drinking water can keep you feeling like you are on top of your game. One option is drink, in ounces, half your body weight per day! That's the minimum, you many need more if you drink a lot of coffee, alcohol or work out. Keeping hydrated helps the body fight off viruses like the flu. Remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, #LUSDRevitalize. Check out below for this month’s special deals and events.

             The health theme for the month of September is “Arm yourself against the flu". As if there hasn't been enough sickness, it is flu season. Protect you and others with these simple tips: Get your flue shot; Boost immunity with healthy habits - washing hands, plenty of sleep, drink water; and keep your germs to yourself - stay home when sick! For more info visit Kaiser at kp.org/flu

*Health Quote for September -    


         “The 6 best doctors: Sunshine, Water, Rest, Air, Exercise and Diet!"

                                -Wayne Fields


 *Simon Says! - every time you finish drinking 8 ounces of water, do one minute of planks!


Programs and Classes

*Walking Challenge - Did you know that walking 30 minutes a day, just 5 days a week will increase stamina, strength, feelings of well-being, and reduce risk of chronic disease?! This will be a quick two week challenge starting 09/14 - 09/28! Sign up by Sept 11th with Terri DuPriest at tdupriest@loomisk8.org and you will auto put in a drawing! Starting 09/14 put in how many steps you did that day here - https://forms.gle/XzqnKXdfsiUdoQv86 it is that simple! Top stepper for each site gets a $25 Amazon gift card. Grand prize is a Fit Bit Flex!

*Wellness Site Champions Wanted - No experience necessary, help keep the wellness dialogue alive and in everyone's thoughts. encourage others as well as yourself. Contact Terri DuPriest at tdupriest@loomisk8.org and let her know that you want to be a Wellness Site Champion!! Special treat for site champions at the end of the year!

*Grokker - Check out Grokker - for mental health. They have a great selection of meditation, sleep and well being videos. Also, you can sign up with friends and do a workout online together! Cast to your smart TV and have fun! Grokker.com/SIGWellness

Special Deals-

 * Cal Fit —  For all Loomis Union School Employees and Family Members, no first and last month and no annual fee. Just need to fill out the online forms. And all current Cal-Fit members can switch over to the LUSD plan. Send a copy of the back (barcode) of your membership card, birth date, and fill out the online forms and send in to Terri DuPriest at tdupriest@loomis-usd.k121.ca.us

Per month fees:   Individual - $44.99         Couple - $64.99      Family 3 - $79.99              

               Family 4 - $94.99                            Family 5 - $109.99

*Studio Lotus – is offering a special deal of 30 days for $30 which includes unlimited Barre, mat Pilates, yoga and one Pilates Apparatus class. Check out the link for times and location!http://www.lotuspilatesandyoga.com/home/


*Yoga – Get your Yoga on at Bridge Yoga in Loomis, they are offering a special deal – 20 consecutive classes for $20! Check out the schedule for times - https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=26466


* City of Roseville Mike Shellito Swimming Pool. Since Loomis Union School District has a corporate membership the cost is $199 for a year membership.  That is equal to less than $20 a month but it must be paid up front all at once.  With this membership you can attend any of the swimming classes, adult lap classes, or open swims.  There are lap classes early in the morning, mid-day and evening.  It gives you a good work out and is easy on the joints. They have nice showers and dressing rooms, too. To join, take a copy of a pay stub to the pool and fill out an application.  Tell the girls at the front to give the app and pay stub to Scott.  Pay your fee and you are in. The membership is offered for everyone in the district as well as immediate family members at the same price. This is an outstanding deal!  http://roseville.ca.us/parks/parks_n_facilities/facilities/pools/central_park/default.asp




Your LUSD Wellness Committee

Anne Marie Allbaugh             Rose Ledesma                                  

Rhonda Clephane                    Melissa McCormick                 

Terri DuPriest                              Julie Trokey


 *Disclaimer: remember the Revitalize team is simply sharing information and are in no way health/nutrition experts or have ever claimed to be!