Del Oro Homecoming Parade Information - October 25th

Del Oro Homecoming Parade Information (provided by Del Oro Student Leadership Team)
  • There will be no parking on October 25th in the Train Depot parking lot or on Webb street. These areas will be used for staging.  

  • While the parade is going on from 3:00pm to 4:00pm there will be no parking on Taylor road (this is where spectators are encouraged to sit, so please don’t park your cars there).

  • If you choose to park in the Loomis Grammar parking lot, please note that you will not be able to move your vehicle while the parade is in route and the road is closed (approximately 3-4pm) 

  • Please help out all of the volunteers and highschool students by taking extra precautions with your children while the parade is in session. Please do not allow them to run into the street near the floats. 

  • Just a reminder this is a community event that is put on by the Del Oro leadership students. We ask you to please obey all of the no parking areas, so that we can put on this parade smoothly and to the best of our ability.