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Student Enrollment and Placement Policy

The Loomis Union School District has developed an enrollment and placement policy in order to provide the time necessary to plan, budget, and provide school services to the children it serves.


Open Enrollment


In order to encourage an orderly enrollment process within the Loomis Union School District, an Open Enrollment registration period will guide the enrollment and placement of all students. The Governing Board desires to provide enrollment options that meet the diverse needs and interests of District students and shall annually review this policy.

Open Enrollment shall include the following groups of students:

  1. New resident students. These are students who reside within the Loomis Union School District attendance boundaries.
  2. Intra-district transfer requests. These include students who reside within the Loomis Union School District attendance boundaries and are requesting to attend a district school outside their school of residence.
  3. Inter-district transfer requests. These are requests from students outside the district attendance boundaries who would like to attend a district school.

Open Enrollment Deadline Dates


In order to plan for and administer an effective and functional school system, an open enrollment deadline date is necessary. All students and their families are required to register their students by the following deadlines to accomplish this goal. 

The annual open enrollment window will run from March 1st - 31st.  If the 31st day of the month falls on a weekend the last day of the open enrollment window will be the preceding Friday. 


Enrollment confirmation for all returning students


In order to assist the district in class planning, all student families must submit an Enrollment Confirmation Form each year. The submission deadline is March 15th.  If March 15th falls on a weekend, the application deadline will be the preceding Friday. 


Priority Guidelines for Placement of Students by Enrollment Deadline


Following the open enrollment deadline, the following priority-guidelines will be used when placing students at a respective school:

  • 1st Priority: This classification will be composed of  students who are officially enrolled in a Loomis District school (and are not on a waiting list), students who are being retained at a respective grade level for the following year, and special education students who are assigned back into the regular classroom as part of their Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
  • 2nd Priority: This classification will be composed of district students who have been redirected away from their school of residence due to impacted enrollment situations and will be given priority for placement back to their school of residence.
  • 3rd Priority: This classification will be composed of students (residents, Intradistrict Transfers, Interdistrict Transfers) who submitted registration paperwork during the open enrollment window.  All applications received during the open enrollment period will all be given a March 1st application date.  Applications received after March 31st will be date stamped when received. 

If there are more requests for a particular school than there are spaces available a random drawing shall be held from the applicant pool.  A waiting list shall be established to indicate the order in which applicants may be accepted if openings occur during the year.  Residents of the school, siblings of existing students and students whose parent(s) are employed in the attendance area of the school will be placed on the waiting list first and then remaining applicants would be subject to the lottery and waiting list.


Late Registrations


Registration paperwork received after the March 31st open enrollment window will be placed according to space on a first come, first serve basis. If a waiting list is in effect, the child shall be placed on the waiting list according to the priority guidelines.


Redirecting of New Resident Students


In the event a school is impacted with enrollment growth, waiting lists will be established using the above priority guidelines. In this case a new resident student may be redirected to another school outside their school of residence, (every effort will be made to keep siblings together).


When space becomes available at a school of residence for a student who has been redirected to another district school due to enrollment growth, and the space is declined, a student is no longer considered as “redirected” and is taken off any waiting lists at the school of residence. Any future request to attend any other district school (including the original school of residence) will be considered as an intra-district transfer request, contingent on available space.


Notification of School Placement


For those students submitting a registration packet during the open enrollment window, every effort will be made to notify parents/guardians of placement prior to school dismissal in June.   

 For those students submitting the completing a registration packets after the open enrollment deadline date, notification will take place prior to the start of the next school year.


New Resident Students

  1. During the school year, new residents should obtain a registration packet from their school of residence. If the school of residence is closed during summer break, registration packets are available at the District Office.
  2. The following registration packet forms must be completed in their entirety prior to receiving an enrollment confirmation date. This includes:

Grades 1 – 8:

      1. Emergency Card
      2. Cumulative Request Form
      3. Registration Form
      4.     Home Language Survey
      5. Health Assessment Report
      6. Immunization Record (with all requirements met)
      7. Proof of Residency (Two pieces of information showing name and address of resident: 1. One of: Property Tax Bill, Home purchasing documents, escrow papers, or rental/lease agreement. 2. One of: PG & E bill, cable bill, water bill, or driver’s license, etc.)

All of the above (excluding #2), in addition:

      1. Report of Health Examination for School Entry (CHDP)
      2. Oral Health Assessment Form
      3. Birth Date Verification (i.e.: Birth Certificate, Baptismal Record, Passport, etc.)
  1. The completed registration packet must be submitted to the school of residence (or the district office during summer break).
  2. Upon receipt of all required registration packet forms, the registration packet will be date and time-stamped.

Intradistrict School Choice

  1. Students who legally reside within the District boundaries may apply for enrollment in any District school. The Superintendent or designee shall determine the capacity of each District school.   Requests for Intradistrict transfers must be submitted to the District Office. 
  2. Parents/guardians who submit student applications to the district shall be eligible for admission to their school of choice the following school year under the district’s open enrollment policy.
  3. Placement after the open enrollment deadline into the requested school of choice shall be based on the priority guidelines for student placement.
  4. The District Office shall inform applicants as to whether their applications have been approved, denied or placed on a waiting list. If the application is denied, the reasons for denial shall be stated.
  5. Students attending a Loomis District school on an Intradistrict Transfer are no longer required to renew the Intradistrict application annually. 

Special Circumstances for Intra-district Transfers Enrollment Priorities


A student may be given priority for attendance outside his/her current attendance area when special circumstances exist that may be harmful or dangerous to that particular student.  Harmful or dangerous special circumstances shall be identified pursuant to law and administrative regulations.

Once enrolled for a special circumstance, a student shall not have to apply for readmission.  However, the student may be subject to displacement due to excessive resident student enrollment during the following school year. 

(cf. 1312 – Complaints Concerning the Schools) 


Inter-district transfer requests


Transfers out of LUSD


In the event that a resident student of the district wishes to apply for an inter-district transfer out of the district, the Board empowers the Superintendent to grant or deny the requests. Parents requesting a transfer out of the district are required to complete the “Request for Inter-district Transfer” form. On the form, the parents must state the reason for the request. If approved, the application must be renewed each year.


 Transfers into LUSD

  1. The Superintendent may authorize inter-district transfer requests of students living outside the attendance boundaries of the district. An approved inter-district transfer request shall be valid for one school year only and will expire automatically at the end of the school year. An inter-district transfer permit will not be revoked due to increased enrollment during the school year once the commitment has been made for the school year. Requests must be renewed annually.
  2. Parents/guardians must submit student applications to the district office to meet eligibility requirements for admission to the Loomis Union School District. The student enrollment will be for the following school year under the district’s open enrollment prioritization policy
  3. Placement after the open enrollment deadline into the requested school of choice shall be based on the LUSD Student Enrollment Placement Policy. 

An inter-district transfer permit is subject to revocation at any time if the student becomes an attendance or disciplinary problem, or otherwise demonstrates failure to profit from the instruction offered. False information used as a basis for securing an inter-district transfer permit may invalidate the approval, and require the return of the student to his/her school of residence. The parent/guardian is responsible for transportation to and from the school of attendance.

(cf. 5111.1 - District Residency)