Forms & Application

On Monday, September 14, 2020, the Loomis Union School District will begin offering our lunch program each school day to any student enrolled in our district schools at no charge.  Student meals will also include non-perishable breakfast items.  Based on a federal program available to school districts this will be available to all LUSD families, regardless of eligibility, until further notice.


This opportunity will be available whether the student is distance learning or participating in on-campus learning.  When we begin phasing students back to our school campuses the daily meals will be served during the student's scheduled lunch break, for those who are receiving seat-based instruction.  Families on the distance learning model can pick up meals from their school of enrollment between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm.  Curbside pick-up must be used for grab and go meals from a table located near the cafeteria.


The monthly lunch menu is posted on our school and district websites and meals can be picked up at your school site per the schedule listed above. 

Any questions should be directed to the LUSD Food Services Department at 916-652-1830 Extension 414.   

Families wishing to purchase lunch from the school lunch program are encouraged to create a Mealtime account for their child(ren) using the Mealtime link to the right.  Please reference the School Lunch Pricing document below to understand the cost of the program.  PLEASE NOTE:  With the current situation explained above meals are being provided free of charge so a Mealtime account is not necessary at this time.  If this Federal program ends on December 31, 2020 then Mealtime accounts will again be necessary.
Families wishing to participate in the National School Lunch Program should review the School Lunch Pricing document below to better understand the eligibility requirements of the program.  A completed application must be submitted to the school office or emailed to Lynn More at for processing.  If you feel that you qualify under the National School Lunch Program we would encourage you to complete the application process so that meals can continue to be provided free of charge when the current Federal program expires.