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Instructional Technology

Thea Patrick, Coordinator of Instructional Technology, partners with staff and administration to understand and implement regular technology integration.

Together with Erika Sloane, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, the team researches, models, and demonstrates everyday applications of best instructional practices that engages students and teachers and prepares them with the skills required to succeed in the 21st Century.
As a district, we support instructional technology in a variety of ways:
  • Regular instructional technology updates
  • One-on-one planning sessions
  • Tech lunches at school sites
  • Classroom coaching in your teaching space
  • Mentor lessons with your students and curriculum
  • After school training for small groups and whole staffs
  • Campus leadership through the training of teacher leaders and passionate users of technology
Loomis USD is dedicated to supporting teachers in their efforts to integrate technology across disciplines and grade levels. This includes helping them to grow in the area of troubleshooting as well as clear lines of communication when help is needed.