Health Services

The Loomis Union School District provides each school with health services.  With the support of our Health Assistants, our School Nurse oversees the daily operation of the school health offices across our district.  Our Health Services team works together with students, families, and school site staff to advocate for a healthy lifestyle and provide necessary support.

Health Services Team

School Nurse: Alexis Garcia, [email protected]
School Nurse: Emma Shibata, [email protected]
School Nurse: Megan Lovesee, [email protected]
Health Assistant: Valeria Hernandez, [email protected]

Placer County Health Resources

Medication at School
If your child requires access to medication at school, even over the counter medication, you must provide a physician signed Medication Order Form with your child’s medication.  All medication must be in its original container and labeled with your child’s first and last names.  Please drop off the form and medication in your school’s front office for review by your child’s school nurse.

School Health Care Plan (HCP) Information

If your child requires accommodations for a health condition while at school, they may be eligible for a Health Care Plan.  Health Care Plans must be renewed each school year. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to request a Health Care Plan each year. If your child has a severe allergy or diabetes, please follow the instructions below. If you child has health condition not outlined below, please reach out to your school nurse.

If your child requires a Health Care Plan for Severe Allergies, please complete the steps below:
Download the appropriate Health Care Plan for your child from the links below. Fill our the Health Care Plan with your child's Health Care Provider and turn the completed plan into your school office.

Severe Allergies

The linked HCP has several parts so please read the instructions carefully.

  • If your child does require medication to be kept at school (or has an order to self-carry an emergency medication), please have your child's doctor fill out the Medication Order section.
  • If your child does not require medication to be kept at school, have your child's doctor indicate "no medication required" in the Medication Order section.
If your child requires a Health Care Plan for diabetes:
Please read this letter about caring for students with diabetes at school. Your child's Health Care Provider will need to complete a Diabetic Medical Management Plan (DMMP) for your child. A Health Care Plan will then be drafted by the school nurse based on the information within your child's DMMP. DMMP's can be turned into the school office.


Type 1 Diabetes Information

Type 1 diabetes usually develops in children and young adults but can occur at any age.  Diabetes in children is an autoimmune disease that can be fatal if untreated.  The link below provides additional information on type 1 diabetes from the California Department of Education.

Type 1 Diabetes Information (California Department of Education)

Health Related Documents: