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English Language Learner Services and Assessments

English Language Development
The Loomis Union School District is committed to educating our English Language Learners in order for them to become proficient in English as rapidly as possible so they can have success in the academic programs available to all students.
When students are enrolled in the Loomis Union School District they are identified as possible English Learners through the Home Language Survey.  Students who have a primary language other than English are given the CELDT - California English Language Development Test.  This test determines the level which a student has acquired English and determines whether or not a student may need additional support services.  English Language Learners are placed in classrooms with a teacher who is authorized to teach English Learners and are provided specialized instruction in English Language Development.
Jean Crouse, EL Coordinator
LUSD Office
(916) 652-1800
Amy Cima, EL Teacher
H. Clarke Powers
(916) 652-2635 x568
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